Influxdb is not getting metrics

I am new to influxdb
I am trying to get accumulo metrics to grafana, and following View Accumulo metrics in Grafana
I have installed influxdb 2 and i getting ui on 8086 right, I have installed influx-client and created bucket (accumulo) and token. Uisng this information i setup grafana influxdb dashboard and it is all working
On accumulo side i setup graphitesink to have influxdb host and port 2003

However, i am unable to see my accumulo data in influxdb. How to debug that?
Is there a influxdb shell i can use, looks like shell was there for influxdb 1.x also api is asking me to use influxdb 1 api…

As far as python client, i am unable to get right import even after I used pip install influxdb-client

not sure how to debug this…

Thanks in advance.


PS: i just saw that influxdb 2 do not support graphite metrics. Is that true? InfluxDB 2.0 does not support Graphite anymore
The accumulo side will send data in graphite, i am wondering why influxdb2 did not throw any error… i have
[[ graphite ]] section in my config.toml file…

Hello @sligade,
That looks right.
InfluxDB only supports line protocol as the ingest format.
However you can use telegraf to convert your graphite metrics to line protocol:

Can you please share your config.toml file?

This might help you with the python client:

What error do you get when you try to import the python client?

Well for sake of simplicity io decided to downgrade to 1.8, do yo have a good styarting document for centos 1.8 rpm install? I was bale to install and start the service but hui is not up on 8086,
I ran influx config and it stated http enabled=true, bind-address = :8086 but browser can’t open it, no firewall etc, also is there a document that will help me setup initial user creation etc?

Where are the logs once you install using rpm? After i set auth in the influxdb.conf, i started seeing error in /var/log/messages for telegraf not able to autheticate, but i never installed telegraf nor i see telegraf.conf, how is that configured?

With ui i am unable to set influxdb datasource on grafana.