How to forward metrics from carbon-c-relay to influxdb


I am relatively new to influxdb ,we have a graphite setup which we are planning to replace with influxdb . We wish to forward our metrics from carbon-c-relay to influxdb.

Can you guys please help me wiht the steps or configuration. How can i forward the metrics to influxdb from carbon-c-relay. I want to get all the metrics that is sent to graphite to influxdb.


Hi guys,

We have manged to get the metrics from carbon-c-relay to influxdb . But we are getting below error in logs.

unable to parse line: value: strconv.ParseFloat: parsing “CONNECTED”: invalid syntax service=graphite addr=:2003

we are not able to get the columnar data , how can we get proper columnar data into influxdb.

can any of you please help me with this issue or direct me to any useful source.


See Graphite service documentation on using the Graphite service in InfluxDB.

The parsing errors are from malformed data sent to carbon-c-relay that are not valid graphite line protocol data. Carbon-c-relay does not actually check data for correctness, only that it gets an expected time stamp and graphite path. You could use a regex on carbon-c-relay to filter bad data, disable the clients sending them, or just let influx drop them on ingestion.

In the service documentation is a section about templates, which I highly recommend you use for best influx performance. By default, all graphite ingested data will be put in separate, unique, series which will quickly lead to poor influxdb performance.

You might also be interested in InfluxGraph which provides the other part needed to replace Graphite with InfluxDB - Graphite query support using an influxdb data store. It essentially translates Graphite queries to influx queries, with additional graphite-like metric browsing/searching functionality.

It supports the same template functionality as the Graphite service in influxdb to enable use of tags and fields in influxdb schemas via Graphite queries.

Try with telegraf, forward carbon-c-relay metrics to inputs.socket then set outputs.influxdb to your influxdb. For the inputs.socket set data format to graphite and you can assign the template, please see the plugin’s document.

Additional setting for telegraf.conf, it will add tag host= by default, you can override or omit it.