Help with dynamic length graphite input and measurements and fields

Hi, I have a question regarding the graphite-API in conjunction with the graphite protocol of ingesting/querying metrics. In the templates for the InfluxDB config, was curious if anyone knew how to set the last part of the metric string to a field. Something like (example):


You can see the latency.endpoint.count and memory.value with . as the separator are different lengths… but a template like this wouldn’t work to just take everything after connection as a measurement and take the last field as the field/value.

"servers.*.*.connection.* servers.hostgroup.hostname.metricgroup.measurement*.field"

Hello @aap323,
Welcome! I’m not sure how to navigate that.
Perhaps you could use this to help:

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Hello @aap323

You should be able to find some help in the template pattern doc!

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Thanks! It seems the functionality I was requesting isn’t quite there but I would have to explicitly define multi-length graphite metric templates as separate patterns instead of a global one. I appreciate the helpful replies!