How to write Telegraf data to influxdb v2 and display them in Grafana


I’m trying out influxDB v2 with Telegraf and Grafana,
I can display Telegraf’s data in influxDb v2 data explorer page, but I cannot find the way to graph them in Grafana.

I have declare the InfluxDBv2 datasource in Grafana like below . Assumin that the bucketname is FirstBucket.

Telegraf settings

  ## The URLs of the InfluxDB cluster nodes.
  ## Multiple URLs can be specified for a single cluster, only ONE of the
  ## urls will be written to each interval.
  ## urls exp:
  urls = ["http://xxxxxx:9999"]

  ## Token for authentication.
  token = "$INFLUX_TOKEN"

  ## Organization is the name of the organization you wish to write to; must exist.
  organization = "test-org"

  ## Destination bucket to write into.
  bucket = "FirstBucket"

But I get no data.
In influxDBv1 we got the database parameter for telegraf but this parameter is missing from the v2 as the bucketname replace the database, right ?

What is the correct way to graph data from Telegraf to influxDB v2 to grafana ?


Not sure which version of Grafana you are using, but for InfluxDB v2 you will need to provide the organization, bucket and token in order to connect. The very latest version of Grafana, I believe, has these settings available. The version you are using does not appear to.

Hope that helps at least a little!

Well I’ve upgrade to Grafana v6.3.3 which is the latest stable release. And I can’t see the settings available on this latest version.

Any idea ?

Seems you need to install a flux plugin: Flux (InfluxDB) [BETA] plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

Hopefully that solves it.