Using the InfluxDBClient in Python



I am trying to to send data to InfluxDB using the the influxDBClient in python. I am writing into the issue where I am able to initialize the client, but can’t figure out how to write points to the DB. I have found an example, in which I will copy and paste below.

client.write([‘interface,path=address,elementss=link value=3’],{‘db’:‘yourdb’},204,‘line’)

My understanding is that ‘interface’ is a measurement, ‘path=address’ is a tag, ‘value=3’ is a field, 'db: yourdb; is the name of the db, ‘line’ is the name of the protocol, and I do not know what 204 is. Can anyone tell me what the 204 in this statement represents?

What I would like to do, is represent the key value pairs that I send to influxDB as a graph in grafana, but I am not sure if the way I want to send my stats to influxDB and Grafana is correct. What I would like to do is something like

client.write([‘detections, virusDetectionType=numberOfDetections, otherVirusDetectionType=numberOfDetections’],{‘db’:‘yourdb’},204,‘line’)

Would this be a good way to send data to grafana or perhaps should I send each virus detection type as a separate write statement?