Telegraf node to remote InfluxDB

Hellot there,

I want to test the stack InfluxDB/Telegraf/Grafana for multi site monitoring and this is my test configuration :
InfluxDB/Grafana Server >
Node Telegraf1 >
Node Telegraf2 >

Logs on Telegraf >

Despite having been searching for hours to do, I can not find the parameter for my two Telegraf nodes to write in the InfluxDB DBs.

Could this be related to Proxy?
Check out this:

I applied the solution of this post, but it did not change anything.

In the GitHub issue linked to above, the server is returning a 403 response.

The Telegraf logs @chapelle shared indicate that Telegraf cannot connect to InfluxDB at all.

This is most often a networking issue. Did you verify that you are able to connect from and to over port 8086? You can test this using a tool like netcat.

It was indeed a problem with firewalld.

Sorry for the loss of time and thanks for your answers.

No problem! We’re here to help.