Telegraf unable be write in InfluxDB cluster



2018-12-21T05:49:03Z E! [outputs.influxdb] when writing to []: 200 OK 2018-12-21T05:49:03Z D! [outputs.influxdb] buffer fullness: 73961 / 1000000 metrics. 2018-12-21T05:49:03Z E! [agent] Error writing to output [influxdb]: could not write any address

InfluxDB Cluster:
Data Nodes ========== ID TCP Address Version 6 1.6.4-c1.6.4 5 1.6.4-c1.6.4 4 1.6.4-c1.6.4 7 1.6.4-c1.6.4 Meta Nodes ========== TCP Address Version 1.6.4-c1.6.4 1.6.4-c1.6.4 1.6.4-c1.6.4


Not sure what the cause is, but based on the log messages Telegraf received a 200 response from the ELB but it is expecting a 204 response when it writes to InfluxDB.


Thank you .

I can see it started writing metrics in DB .

Still this error appears

Error writing to output [influxdb]: could not write any address


You are writing to the wrong port. The 8088 port is not used for what you expected.

Change the port to :8086 for http writes against InfluxDB from Telegraf. That should solve that problem.


I have tried the port 8086 . I’m getting error as this port is already being used .

Getting below error

2018-12-26T04:57:27Z E! [agent] Service for input inputs.http_listener failed to start: listen tcp :8086: bind: address already in use 2018-12-26T04:57:27Z E! [telegraf] Error running agent: listen tcp :8086: bind: address already in use


What server are you running?

It looks like you are running a telegraf_listener.

You need to update your influx output plugin to use port 8086. I would recommend you start from scratch on plugins and make it so your Telegraf instance can write to InfluxDB without the extra plugins like http_listener. Maybe just start with CPU. Then, add additional plugins until you figure out which one is breaking things