TIG implementation over multiple raspberry Pi’s to moniter NFS (part 2)

sorry @Jay_Clifford i got flagged for putting in too many links (from now on ill break them up by putting a space). your new member policy is almost a bit over the top, been trying to direct message you for the last day.

continuing on from where we left off, so i believe telegraf is ok and is sending data to the influx bucket. i downloaded some dashboards so that grafana can pull the data but nothing is coming through. could this be because influx 2.0.9 is too new and these query’s won’t work anymore? alsois there a way i could just cut out grafana and just use influx (providing its actaully working properly)?

Also i understand theres a bit of a time different but is there a chance we could use zoom/discord/something to have a call? i think we’d be able to work out where im going wrong really quickly and i think that way i leave having a better understanding of the products.

Hi @Wungez ,
My apologies you were blocked on your original post. I will check up on this. Yes, let’s start by using just InfluxDB and then we can add Grafana in later. Since you are using Influx 2.X we can access the dashboard UI via the browser:

  1. Open a browser and enter http://<ip_of_influxdb>:8086
  2. login and then click on the data browser icon
  3. Click on the bucket where your data is meant to be stored. If data is being stored you will see your measurements appear.
  4. If not then we have a data ingest issue.

I have attached a screenshot of my local instance that I run at home. I am located in the UK, you can reach me on slack DM if that is easier :slight_smile:

@Wungez Granafa is fully compatible with Influx2.0.9. If you are using template dashboards this could be an issue with measurement/data source names. We can sort this once we can fully confirm you are storing data