Limited Telegraf Metrics

I was following some youtube videos on how to setup InfluxDB and Telegraf but when I go to InfluxDB and create a new Telegraf configuration collecting system data it only shows a few metrics unlike in the youtube videos that I have been following.

Welcome @gugarz,
Can you please share an example of the youtube videos youre following and some screenshots of what you get?
I want to be able to understand the difference in order to help you.
Thanks :slight_smile:

One of the youtube videos I was following was: Grafana 8 InfluxDB 2 and Telegraf | Create First Grafana Dashboard - YouTube
And if you look at 10:22 you can see that he has a lot more measurements compared to myself.
I have attached a screenshot of what my InfluxDB looks like.


Was anyone ever able to find a solution for this?

@gugarz did you enable all the additional plugins like inputs.disk, inputs.diskio, etc?