Error data from telegraf in influxdb



When telegraf encouters an error while running inputs, it logs the error, but it does not write any error data to the output. How can I configure output to capture these error messgaes.



@arindamchoudhury Do you want telegraf to write errors to your configured outputs? Can you explain in a little more detail what you are looking for?


yes @jackzampolin

I want error messages to be written in influxdb.

e.g. input plugin http_response writing error code and message to output.


@arindamchoudhury That is not currently supported behavior. You would need to make some code changes to telegraf to make that happen. Can you open an issue on telegraf with this feature request?


You can get counts of the number of errors among other things with the internal plugin. Also, in the 1.4 release we have added a field to http_response called result_type which might be helpful.


@jackzampolin I have created an issue.

@daniel thanks, i will check that out.

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