Influx DB ignores data from Telegraf


I use Telegraf to poll data from a device using HTTP.
Telegraf should output the data into InfluxDB.

the data from other inputs like CPU or MEM gets stored properly
but the Table for the HTTP input is empty

I checked the existence of the POST request using wireshark.
The POST request originates from Telegraf and contains the data from the HTTP input

How can I debug this


Hi @Tom_Tailor, could you show us your telegraf config?

Since I can not upload a file and I don’t want to paste over 3000 lines I used Pastebin

It looks like the paste is private. In any case, I was wondering what your http config looks like in the telegraf config.

You might also take a look at the http input plugin docs.

This is my HTTP plugin


One or more URLs from which to read formatted metrics

urls = [”,
method = “GET”
data_format = “value”
data_type = “string”
timeout = “55s”

I also changed the Paste to public

Can I define multiple http inputs in one telegraf conf

You may, this is generally true for all inputs/outputs as well.