Unable to parse data into influxDB via telegraf


I am using a python script in the [[input.exec]] plugin. The script runs fine without errors and transforms into a line protocol. Here is the complete output.

C:\PROGRA~2\telegraf>telegraf.exe --config telegraf.conf --test
*** Plugin: inputs.exec, Collection 1**
*** Internal: 10s**
> response_time,host=EZ2 requestStat_value=147.61723214745405 1514318067000000000

However I dont see any data being written to influx db.

THe [[outputs.influxdb]] conf is as below -

# Configuration for influxdb server to send metrics to
** urls = [“http://metrics.mydomain.io:8086”] # required**
** database = “telegraf” # required**
** precision = “s”**
** timeout = “5s”**

What am I missing?


I’m not sure what the issue is, check the logs and if that isn’t helpful then you might want to try enabling a file output to see if the metric is output there.