Disable token without an user

Goodmorning everyone! :blush:
I am new here and in fact I am writing here because I have done a lot of trouble :see_no_evil:!

I have installed Influxdb OSS on my Mac and I did a test of PC resource monitoring (with token and Telegraf) but I didn’t see any variation in the monitoring (Cpu, disk were straight lines). Another thing is that i could not access to Influx CLI.

-I uninstalled and tried to delete all files concerning influx because I thought there was some problem in the installation (and then I do not re-enter Influx CLI) and I reinstall it with brew and manually.

-I made a big mistake, I deleted the user, because I thought that by deleting it I would delete everything… but no! :woman_facepalming:

So, now I find myself unable to access anymore :see_no_evil: and with active tokens/connections (port 8086 occupied) and I cannot deactivate them.

How can I do?

Hello @alex2,
Are you comfortable removing the binaries?
They can be found at:
What are you running?

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If you just need to stop the influxdb process and it was started with homebrew, you can do brew services stop influxdb. You mentioned that port 8086 was occuped - so if it’s from influxdb running in the background as a homebrew service, that should stop it.

As far as deleting the data files & configuration for influx/influxdb, I believe the default location for mac/homebrew is /usr/local/var/lib/influxdb2/, so if you wanted to delete everything about influx/influxdb, you should delete all the files in that directory.

With the latest version InfluxDB v2.1.1, you can also perform recovery tasks related to recovering from deleting users and tokens - see influxd recovery | InfluxDB OSS 2.1 Documentation.

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Thank you so much guys! :blush: