InfluxDB 2 - unable to connect to CLI


I am first time user, i have got influxd process running and the web console working however I am unable to use the CLI…

Please help…

Amy help is appreciated…

Thanks in advance

I have tried the following steps :

*#### [Using the influx CLI after setting up InfluxDB through the UI]

To use the [ influx CLI] after setting up InfluxDB through the UI, use one of the following methods to provide your [authentication token] to the CLI:

1. Pass your token to the influx CLI using the -t or --token flag.
2. Set the INFLUX_TOKEN environment variable using your token.
3. Store your token in ~/.influxdbv2/credentials . The content of the credentials file should be only your token

However I am still unable to connect to CLI

I see the message :

[See ‘influx -h’ for help]

Hi there,

Not sure you’ve resolved your problem, but I am also a first time user and ran into the same issue when I’d setup InfluxDB via the UI. The only way I got my installation to work, i.e. allowing me to use the CLI, was by reinstalling and running the setup using influx setup right after starting influxd.

I should also mention that my installation is on a Mac using OS X Yosemite.

Never mind. I see what happens. When setup is done via the UI, you’ll need to pass the token every time, unless you’ve stored them in the .influxdbv2/credentials directory already. Makes sense now.