Give authorization to my app

Hi everyone,
I’m not the type of person to ask questions like this but since it took me 1 week to not solver the problem I’m decided to post. So here is my problem, I have an influx database (running as a service) connected to an app developped by someone I dont know so impossible to ask him to make a specific things.
My problem is that this app can’t read the influx database because he is not authorized to. So I think about two ways. The first one, make sure that the app can read the db with the token operator but I don’t really know how do that (I mean if I must declared the token in my app or in the conf file of my db) or the second way, delete this token operator and I have no problem with authorization anymore but I don’t know how to delete this token (by the way the token operator is the token which is generated when you create your database). Thanks a lot and have a good day !

@LDError You shouldn’t delete the operator token unless you really need to. You just need to create a new token (either all-access or custom) and provide your app developer with the token. Here’s instructios for creating tokens: