Delete data - Unauthorized access

Hi Community!

I want to delete some data points within a timespan but are refused by unauthorized access!!

influx delete --org home --bucket SensorData_2 --start 2021-12-18T23:20:00Z --stop 2021-12-18T23:50:00Z --token MY_ALL_ACCESS_TOKEN


  • InfluxDB version: 2.0.9

  • Using All Access Token

  • Running a docker installation

Anyone that has any idea why??

Hello @Magnus_P,
You’re using the CLI to delete data.
Have you successfully configured the CLI first?

don’t believe you need a token or an org parameter:


Seems its some problem with the authorization using the docker UI interface which I not are able to solve. Instead I try other ways to delete the specific samples by using the inbuilt influxDB UI, Grafana and NodeRed but I do not succeed to find a way here either. I can access the data (read and write) via NodeRed / Grafana but do not understand the flux command how to delete. Need some guidance here, Thanks.

  1. Is it Flux or CLI that are the best alternative to delete specific samples?
  2. Recommended and easiest InfluxDB client using windows?

Finally :sweat_smile:

By installing Windows Influx CLI Client I managed to delete specific data points.

Example of CLI commands after Provide required authentication credentials

influx delete --bucket SensorData_3 --start 2022-01-03T10:00:00Z --stop 2022-01-03T12:00:00Z --predicate _measurement=Energy_year --predicate tag1=Heatpump