Delete single data point

Hi all, I want to delete the single data point with a value of 0

My command is

influx delete \
  --bucket dht22 \
  --org esp8266 \
  --token 4WW43qswEQUdpTnWedvhuyQa8ftEgi0vJNv6zfTV0bOhtSdrMYei-MJYSCpawRxcKkNs1NBrMf1ORV0kxdMK23D== \
  --start 2023-01-28T08:54:20.000Z \
  --stop 2023-01-28T08:54:20.000Z

Running it as root from a terminal, it seems to accept the command but the data point is still there?

Got it, had to select the data point before and the one after the actual point I wanted to delete.

  --start 2023-01-28T08:54:05.00Z \
  --stop 2023-01-28T08:54:45.00Z

Thanks for sharing your solution! PS what do you use influxdb for?

Logging temperature and humidity readings and sending to Grafana, will have over 10 sensors eventually.