Delete Statement - Delete specific data points


I want to delete all the points for AirTemp2 and WaterTemp2 form my data set.

You cant do “DELETE FROM tank WHERE device = ‘WaterTemp2’;”, what is the correct statment?

time device value

1614264001261000000 AirTemp2 23.7
1614264001262000000 WaterTemp2 25.6
1614264013329000000 Heater 0
1614264014287000000 WaterTemp 28.5
1614264015166000000 AirTemp 25.4
1614264061306000000 AirTemp2 23.7
1614264061307000000 WaterTemp2 25.6
1614264121298000000 AirTemp2 23.7
1614264121299000000 WaterTemp2 25.6

Might be different method to what you had in mind, but assuming this is a one-off task that doesn’t need automating, take a look here:

Or alternatively, you can achieve some level of automation using bash scripting and the the api using curl.

In both cases though, take note of the warnings about specifying a predicate clause or you’ll delete more data than you planned to