NEWBIE! - Locked out

Hi Users, I installed influx via brew (Mac OS) and it installed version 1.8 I then upgraded the Influxd and influx binaries to v2 and completed the setup. I had logged in and out several times to ensure all was working. Somewhere along the line the user info has become corrupted and the user that i have created (admin user) no longer lets me in.

Is there a way i can just reset everything and setup again … there is no data to loose. The only thing to be lost is my price for being such a noob and not creating a seperate admin user.

Any help would be appreciated
(Mac OS 10.13 - InfluxDB 2)

Hello @jewmac,
Welcome! Upgrading isn’t the easiest.
Luckily this is an easy fix since you aren’t worried about data loss.
Have you tried following Change your password in InfluxDB | InfluxDB OSS 2.0 Documentation?
Alternatively you could just reinstall the binary.

Hi Anaisdg,

Yes I found these instructions when i was reading through the documentation, in a round about way i achieved the same outcome and was able to get in.

Thank-you for your response and assistance.