Forgot the administrator's username and password

I installed InfluxDB V2 and forgot the username and password.
What can I do to access InfluxDB on the same machine?

Have you tried this method?

Thank you for your response. I found the username in the influx.bolt file. However, when I try to change the password, no error message appears. I restarted the InfluxDB service, but after all these steps, when I try to log in with the new password, an error message appears: ‘Could not sign in’.

Looks like a more convenient method got added somewhere in the last year or two I didn’t know existed…

Maybe this will work for you

(Not sure if using these commands requires the influxd db instance to be running or stopped)

However, I encounter authentication issues when trying to execute this command.

Additionally, I’ve considered uninstalling InfluxDB and reinstalling it to see if that resolves the issue. Could you guide me on the proper way to uninstall it permanently? I’ve attempted to uninstall and delete all related files, but the problem persists.

Can you perhaps show the commands and output you are getting?