Data Explorer failed to load buckets,token required ,where to set the token?please help,thanks!


I’ve just installed InfluxDB Version 2.0.0 : influxdb_2.0.0-beta.4_linux_amd64.tar.gz

I’ve followed the doc and init the InfluxDB with the web UI

But the Data Explorer can not load buckets,the log is:

2020-02-18T09:29:06.570209Z info Unauthorized {“log_id”: “0L1tTey0000”, “error”: “token required”}
2020-02-18T09:29:06.570388Z debug Request {“log_id”: “0L1tTey0000”, “service”: “http”, “method”: “POST”, “host”: “localhost:9999”, “path”: “/api/v2/query”, “query”: “orgID=29ba4b1de870be3b”, “proto”: “HTTP/1.1”, “status_code”: 401, “response_size”: 55, “content_length”: 130, “referrer”: “http://localhost:9999/orgs/29ba4b1de870be3b/data-explorer”, “remote”: “[::1]:33266”, “user_agent”: “Firefox”, “took”: “0.223ms”, “error”: “unauthorized”, “error_code”: “X-Platform-Error-Code”, “body”: “”}
2020-02-18T09:29:06.580865Z debug Variables retrieved {“log_id”: “0L1tTey0000”, “vars”: “[0xc00010c180]”}

Looks like I’m missing a token,But where to set the token?

Hello @lzw216!
You might find these docs useful for how to create a token.
If you want to do it through the UI look for: