I'm getting error="token required" when I try to login into the front-end after I'm finished the setup of influxdb v2 on a docker environment

I’m trying to setup a influxdb v2.2 on a raspberry pi 4 on raspbian 64bit’s through docker.

I’m using this command to setup the docker container for testing purporses docker run --name influxdb -p 8086:8086 influxdb:2.2.0 after the influxdb container went up, I tried to setup the server using both webui and the influx-cli inside the docker image but everytime after I set it up, everytime I try to login on it using the webui I get the following message on the logs:

ts=2022-05-12T13:51:08.648463Z lvl=info msg=Unauthorized log_id=0aQ8Qj~G000 error="token required"

I tried to search about it on the foruns but I didn’t found anything

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Hey, did you have an update on this?