Failed to create API tokens

right now I installed InfluxDB v2.6.0 and directly after the installation and running the initial configuration wizard I tried to create new API tokens.
However, all the time I get the error message “Failed to create API tokens: authorizations cannot be created with the instance type, it is only used during setup”.

Does someone have an idea what is going wrong?

Furthermore, when I create my admin user during the initial config wizard, there was NOT shown any admin token and after finishing the wizard there is no way to have a look on this token again. Is this a bug of InfluxDB v2.6.0?



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I’m new to Influxdb and installed the docker image last night. I’m trying to follow some tutorials and I keep running into various issues. All of the issues mentioned by thomas-hn are also issues I’m seeing.

InfluxDB v2.6.0
Server: 24a2b62
Frontend: cbab7db

Another issue is when I click the link for Python, NodeJS or Go under the Client Libraries, I get this URL, which is bad and I get a 404 error.

But if I go to one that works like Arduino, and change arduino to python, I get the correct client info for python.

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Some help was posted at