In influx 2.7.1 we are not able to use 'createdatabase' and 'write_points' methods

We can’t view the configs and change the configs to create admin user with all previleges, because of which in result we are not able to use create database and ‘write_points’ methods as we get user permission error.

Hello @Nischay97,

I’m not sure I understand your problem. But can you try creating a new all access token and seeing if that resolves the problem? Which version are you using and which client library(?) are you using?

I have created the token still facing the same issue , I am using influx v2.7.1 and InfluxDBClient.

There are multiple client libraries which implement something called InfluxDBClient. For example, I use the python library called influxdb_client. I think an older one was just called influxdb and my understanding is that it does not work with v2.7.1.