Can't create operator token: User not found

I want to backup my influxdb, which has led me down a rabbit hole of authorisation issues. I have quickly realised I need the root token which I don’t have. But I’m not getting anywhere using any guides to generate a new one. I’ve been going around in circles for hours, can anyone help?

Influx user list gives one user, me.

But when I try the following:
influxd recovery auth create-operator --org org --username username

I get the following error:
Error: could not find user “username”: user not found

Hello @sam462,
It looks like you’ll have to create a user first

You create the root token during setup generally.

What version of InfluxDB are you using. There is a version of 2.x where if you deleted the root token then the user was shooting themselves in the foot and couldn’t create a new one. This was fixed in later versions though.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was using 2.6 and didn’t have the root token. I believe I had created a user, because if I listed users it was there, but for some reason it still wasn’t working.

I gave up and installed v3 using docker. I’ve lost all my data, but at least I’ve got a more stable install that’s letting me backup. It’s a shame v2.6 was so flawed.