Authorization issues on influxdb 2 UI

Quite new to influxDB 2 but have played already with version 1.7.

I’m running a TIG Stack on a Ubuntu server using docker. I’ve 3 container : influxDB 2.04 /telegraf 1.18 /Grafana 7.5, they are all talking together without any issue.

My issue comes when i’m using the Influx UI, it works fine on my main PC using the admin user created at setup or with another user freshly created.
When i try to login on influx UI with another machine, i got some issue with auth.
on my laptop after login with the admin user on influx UI and try to explore any bucket, i got : Failed to load tag key and when i’m trying any influx dashboard i got ‘unauthorized access’ on every panel.
Looking at logs in influx i got :lvl=info msg=Unauthorized log_id=0T3i_0sG000 error=“token required”
Tested with few different browser and got the same issue. And it works fine on my main machine (not the server himself). Tested also with another user, same issue.

If i’m right, when logging into the UI, the token should be passed to influx automatically? Am i missing something?
Don’t see any way to enter a token during influx UI login.

Any idea?