Network Error: Unauthorized(401) after upgraded to 2.0


After I upgraded to 2.0 RC today, I started getting Network Error: Unauthorized(401) from telegraf plug in coming from OPNSense and also when trying to read data from Grafana.

I checked and the port 8086 is open and in listening mode

The service seems to be running ok. Any advice ?

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Same here.
Influx version 2.0.1

Any advice would be welcome. notes that " InfluxDB 2.0 requires authentication and does not support the InfluxDB 1.x auth-enabled = false configuration option" which I guess is happening here. Effectively, upgrading forced you into auth-enabled=true and therefore when using Telegraf or anything else you need to enter a username and password to connect and write data.

Hello @Andre_Martins and @Mephjstopheles,
Have you tried setting debug=true in the agent portion of your telegraf config?
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I set the setting to auth-enabled = true, created username and Grafana reports the data source is working but no data is displayed. Grafana reports “InfluxDB Error: not executed and Database not found”

Telegraf reports “When writing to []: 404 Not Found” which I don’t understand because it’s on the same machine…

Thanks for your help

Someone managed to solve?

Same here.
Influx version 2.0.1

someone managed to solve?