401 Unauthorized access with influxdb_v2 and telegraf


I’m facing an issue. I’ve created a token for an user inside the admin org. The token have r/w access on a single bucket.

I’ve correctly set up the token by using this command :
influx auth create --read-bucket id_bucket --write-bucket id_bucket -u username --host https://my_host:8086 -o primary_org

With the token generated I can r/w data with influx cli, I can also read data from grafana with the influxdb datasource.

My problem is that I have a 401 Unauthorized access when telegraf write in the bucket influx only with generated tokens. It works well with admin token.

Can someone solve this ?


Hello @Yazaeld,
That’s odd. Can you try creating a new token?
Can you share your telegraf config?