InfluxDB OSS 2.0.1 giving unauthorized messages after install

Hi I’m completely new to InfluxDB and am trying to learn how it works but struggling. I’ve got a brand new Ubuntu 20.04.1 install, nothing extra done other than install the base OS and run apt update and apt upgrade.

I’ve followed the getting started page to download and install v2.0.1 of InfluxDB onto my machine. I then run the influxd command to start the service and can connect on port 8086 from a Windows desktop machine on the same subnet to the GUI where it presents me with a Get Started button. I complete the Setup Initial User page to create a user, org and bucket and the GUI now displays a page telling me I am ready go and presents me with the options on how to start collecting data. I choose the Quick Start option and it tells me it has created a dashboard and a scraper. At this point everything is fine, the terminal window where I started the service still shows the last message from startup that it is Listening on port 8086 and no errors have appeared in the GUI.

If I click on the link in the GUI to open the newly created dashboard it never loads any data, I can browse to the http:///:8086/metrics page it is using as the data source which opens fine. In the terminal window a message has now appeared
info Unauthorized {“log_id”: “0QShGC30000”, “error”: “token required”}

If I browse to the Data Explorer page in the GUI I am unable to create queries, under the Filter box it shows “Failed to load tag keys” and I am unable to build and submit a query. Checking back in the terminal window I see the same unauthorized message appearing each time I click onto a page or button in the gui. I’m obviously doing something really dumb and missing a crucial step to get this working. I tried installing telegraf onto another machine to send system data to it incase it was just the quickstart not working and that didn’t work either. When it reached the stage to verify it was listening for data it just gave an error in the gui and the same unauthorized message on the terminal.

Can anyone tell me what I am missing to get this working? I’m normally a Windows person so I’m imagining there is something really simple that should be done and I have simply missed it.

Update to my original post. It looks like it is related to the environment in which I was deploying the software. The errors are occuring on a fresh Ubuntu install on a virtual machine which is part of a nested environment. If I repeat the same install steps using a virtual machine that is not in a nested environment, so just a VM running on a hypervisor on top of physical hardware it works fine. Maybe there is something in the double virtualisation that is causing the issues. I hope this update helps others in the future who might stumble on similar errors.

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