Cannot load buckets in data explorer


I’ve just installed InfluxDB Version 2.0.0 (b96282d) aka alpha 18 on CentOS 7 and I get some basic problems accessing data from the web interface.

I have configured a bucket and a telegraf instance writing to that bucket. This seems to work fine. At least there are no errors in telegraf log.
But when I try to access the bucket via data explorer it reports “Failed to load buckets”. Influxdb logs

Request {“log_id”: “0ILhXhXW000”, “service”: “http”, “handler”: “platform”, “method”: “POST”, “path”: “/api/v2/query”, “status”: 401, “duration_ns”: 20716, “error”: “unauthorized”, “error_code”: “X-Platform-Error-Code”}

at that moment.

Since I’ve just followd the steps given by the getting started wizard, I didn’t expected such a problem.

Does anyone know, what the problem here is?