After influxdb 2.x upgrade no data in buckets

Hello community,

I have managed to update my influxdb instance. It seemed to transfer over the databases I had in the previous 1.8 version, however when I query for data within these new buckets in the 2.x UI I get no data.

There is data in the engine/data folder that it is reading as well.

sudo du --max-depth=1 -h /var/lib/.influxdbv2/engine/data
6.9G    /var/lib/.influxdbv2/engine/data/5d1ff5eb005d98b4
30G     /var/lib/.influxdbv2/engine/data/f98fe3523c810090
8.6G    /var/lib/.influxdbv2/engine/data/21ab5aae6e12bc15
148K    /var/lib/.influxdbv2/engine/data/fa708f9c6b2ee2f0
56G     /var/lib/.influxdbv2/engine/data/d5381577ffe88b66
2.2G    /var/lib/.influxdbv2/engine/data/9f51cd1db08b8f79
5.4G    /var/lib/.influxdbv2/engine/data/0ccace0544ea3d22
108G    /var/lib/.influxdbv2/engine/data

Has this happened to anyone before or does anyone have any ideas?


Hello @Camaz993,
Can you please try the following CLI command?

influx bucket list



And share the output?
Thank you