Can't access 20GB of data after upgrading from 1.8 to 2.3 and migrating

I finally managed to get access to the upgraded database (after upgrading and migrating from 1.8 to 2.3). First, I am a bit confused about buckets and the new concepts but I managed to get my Telegraf clients running and communicating with InfluxDB. I now have to rewrite all the Grafana dashboards, but that’s life.

However, I have a bigger problem: I cannot see the old (migrated) data anywhere. When I executed influx upgrade, it created a new InfluxDB v2 database which is 20GB big (the size of the original data). I was asked for a primary bucket, which I named telegraf but that’s empty. It is now getting filled from other clients, but my old server_metrics database is nowhere.

This is how my buckets look like:

tgal@ecap-s010:~/command-centre$ influx bucket list --org ECAP
ID			Name		Retention	Shard group duration	Organization ID		Schema Type
08850f6a99c516d4	_monitoring	168h0m0s	24h0m0s			6357f43a8209ef21	implicit
57345e3d0259b7a9	_tasks		72h0m0s		24h0m0s			6357f43a8209ef21	implicit
63422b7123b3a995	telegraf	infinite	168h0m0s		6357f43a8209ef21	implicit
tgal@ecap-s010:~/command-centre$ influx org list
ID			Name
6357f43a8209ef21	ECAP

and this is where the migrated data was written to (not the ideal place but I’ll move it later):

root@ecap-s010:~/.influxdb_v2# du -sh *
4.0K	configs
4.0K	config.toml
21G	engine
56K	influxd.bolt
root@ecap-s010:~/.influxdb_v2# du -sh engine/*
21G	engine/data
12M	engine/wal
root@ecap-s010:~/.influxdb_v2# du -sh engine/data/*
21G	engine/data/d3f9fac6e68e4725
20K	engine/data/f77701b9c3a45d06

Any idea where to get access to that d3f9... data?

The telegraf bucket only contains a few datapoints which were collected today.

No you don’t have to if you use influxql

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influxql + flux it ok, he can do this, but not necessary