Wrong sha256sum on Telegraf Downloads Page for the rpm file

Hopefully im posting this into the right category…

After downloading the telegraf 1.3.5 rpm from the influxdata Download Page, i checked the given sha256sum of the rpm file and recognized it does not match. Tried it on several systems, always the same (wrong) sha256sum.

The displayed sum is: 1ceaaaed783defcc4bffc9587e1bf250a67d5481df5199cc367a806e66664974

The sum i get after running “sha256sum telegraf-1.3.5-1.x86_64.rpm” is:
aff9e08246f4ed7637cd2e0b90f356c6d16bbac75d04088608678734807814cb telegraf-1.3.5-1.x86_64.rpm

I checked the sha256sum of the .deb file. This one was correct, so i believe someone forgot to update the sum for the rpm files.

If i did something wrong, dont hesitate to correct me :smile:

Greets and thanks for those awesome products! :rocket:

Thanks for the heads up, it looks like the listed hash is the one for the arm64 package instead of amd64. The sha256 you are getting is correct according to my notes, I’ll make sure we get it fixed.