Telegraf v1.4.0-rc3

The third release candidate for 1.4.0 is now available.

The following issues have been addressed since rc2:

  • #3162: Fix parsing of SHM remotes in ntpq input
  • #3149: Don’t fail parsing zpool stats if pool health is UNAVAIL on FreeBSD.
  • #2672: Fix NSQ input plugin when used with version 1.0.0-compat.
  • #2523: Added CloudWatch metric constraint validation.
  • #3179: Skip non-numerical values in graphite format.
  • #3182: HTTP headers can be added to InfluxDB output.

Any testing before the final release is very much appreciated. Please report any bugs on the issue tracker.

Plugins new in 1.4.0:

  • fail2ban
  • fluentd
  • histogram aggregator
  • minecraft
  • openldap
  • salesforce
  • tomcat
  • win_services
  • zipkin

Reference the changelog for release notes and the full list of changes.

Official builds: