Telegraf v1.9.0-rc2

Telegraf 1.9.0-rc2 is now available. This Release Candidate (RC) is the first step in moving towards a general release of Telegraf 1.9 and gives the community the opportunity to test and verify new features. While we hope you download and test all the new plugins and bug fixes, RCs are not meant for production workloads. You can expect additional RCs as bugs are found and fixed before the official release of 1.9.0.

Please join us in testing this release and report any bugs or feedback to the issue tracker.

Changes since 1.9.0-rc1

  • Fixed missing jenkins plugin.
  • #4789: Fix potential missing datastore metrics in vSphere plugin.

Release Notes

  • The http_listener input plugin has been renamed to influxdb_listener and
    use of the original name is deprecated. The new name better describes the
    intended use of the plugin as a InfluxDB relay. For general purpose
    transfer of metrics in any format via HTTP, it is recommended to use
    http_listener_v2 instead.

  • Input plugins are no longer limited from adding metrics when the output is
    writing, and new metrics will move into the metric buffer as needed. This
    will provide more robust degradation and recovery when writing to a slow
    output at high throughput.

    To avoid over consumption when reading from queue consumers: kafka_consumer,
    amqp_consumer, mqtt_consumer, nats_consumer, and nsq_consumer use
    the new option max_undelivered_messages to limit the number of outstanding
    unwritten metrics.

New Inputs

New Outputs

1.9 also contains a long list of additional enhancements. Please reference the full changelog for release notes and the comprehensive list of changes.

Official builds: