Telegraf 1.11.0-rc1

Telegraf 1.11.0-rc1 is now available. This Release Candidate (RC) is the first step in moving towards a general release of Telegraf 1.11 and gives the community the opportunity to test and verify new features. While we hope you download and test all the new plugins and bug fixes, RCs are not meant for production workloads. You can expect additional RCs as bugs are found and fixed before the official release of 1.11.0.

Please join us in testing this release and report any bugs or feedback to the issue tracker.

Release Notes

  • The uptime_format field in the system input has been deprecated, use the
    uptime field instead.

New Inputs

New Aggregators

New Outputs

New Serializers


  • #5556: Add TTL field to ping input.
  • #5569: Add hexadecimal string to integer conversion to converter processor.
  • #5601: Add support for multiple line text and perfdata to nagios parser.
  • #5648: Allow env vars ${} expansion syntax in configuration file.
  • #5641: Add option to reset buckets on flush to histogram aggregator.
  • #5664: Add option to use strict sanitization rules to wavefront output.
  • #5697: Add namespace restriction to prometheus input plugin.
  • #5681: Add cmdline tag to procstat input.
  • #5704: Support verbose query param in ping endpoint of influxdb_listener.
  • #5713: Enhance HTTP connection options for phpfpm input plugin.
  • #5544: Use more efficient GetMetricData API to collect cloudwatch metrics.
  • #5544: Allow selection of collected statistic types in cloudwatch input.
  • #5757: Speed up interface stat collection in net input.
  • #5769: Add pagefault data to procstat input plugin.
  • #5760: Add option to set permissions for unix domain sockets to socket_listener.
  • #5585: Add cli support for outputting sections of the config.
  • #5770: Add service-display-name option for use with Windows service.
  • #5778: Add support for log rotation.
  • #5765: Support more drive types in smart input.
  • #5829: Add support for HTTP basic auth to solr input.
  • #5791: Add support for datadog events to statsd input.
  • #5817: Allow devices option to match against devlinks.
  • #5855: Support tags in enum processor.
  • #5830: Add support for gzip compression to amqp plugins.
  • #5831: Support passive queue declaration in amqp_consumer.
  • #5901: Set user agent in stackdriver output.
  • #5885: Extend metrics collected from Nvidia GPUs.
  • #5547: Add file rotation support to the file output.
  • #5955: Add source tag to hddtemp plugin.


  • #5631: Create Windows service only when specified or in service manager.
  • #5730: Don’t start telegraf when stale pidfile found.
  • #5477: Support Minecraft server 1.13 and newer in minecraft input.
  • #4098: Fix inline table support in configuration file.
  • #1598: Fix multi-line basic strings support in configuration file.
  • #5746: Verify a process passed by pid_file exists in procstat input.
  • #5455: Fix unsupported pkt type error in pgbouncer.
  • #5771: Fix only one job per storage target reported in lustre2 input.
  • #5796: Set default timeout of 5s in fibaro input.
  • #5835: Fix docker input does not parse image name correctly.
  • #5661: Fix direct exchange routing key in amqp output.
  • #5819: Fix scale set resource id with azure_monitor output.
  • #5883: Skip invalid power times in apex_neptune input.
  • #3485: Fix sqlserver connection closing on error.
  • #5917: Fix toml option name in nginx_upstream_check.
  • #5920: Fixed datastore name mapping in vsphere input.
  • #5879: Fix multiple SIGHUP causes Telegraf to shutdown.
  • #5891: Fix connection leak in influxdb outputs on reload.
  • #5858: Fix batch fails when single metric is unserializable.
  • #5536: Log a warning on write if the metric buffer has overflowed.

Official builds: