Writing manually data with timestamp via line protocol failed

I want to add some data manually via line protocol UI (I am using influxdb 2.6.1 in a docker container)
I just want to write a single data field with a historical timestamp. I entered the follwing data:

consumption value1=41.49613706501069 1647848400000000000

Line import resultet in an “Unknow Error”.
Deleteting the timestamp value results in an “Data written successfully” Message.

I already checked several examples from the documentation but the
behaviour always was the same. The line protocol does not accept any
timestamp value.

Has anybody an idea, what is the fault with the timestamp?

I resolved the problem by myself. The bucket I created had a retention period of 30 days. I tried to write a timestamp older than 30 days so that the line protocol parser created an error. When i changed the retention period of the bucket to 365 days everything went well without any error.

If there occur an error message it can be found in the autoamtically generated “_monitoring” bucket and the measurement “write_errors”.