When is the log viewer coming to InfluxDB 2.0?

The log viewer (Analyzing logs with Chronograf | Chronograf 1.7 Documentation) is one of our main draws to the TICK stack. Is this on the roadmap for 2.0?

I’m wondering this myself. I’m on version=2.0.0-beta.9 commit=eb6a5520df build_date=2020-04-29T17:39:48Z and I don’t see a log viewer on the UI as well

Thanks @bin and @janitha. A few questions for you about the log viewer:

  1. What is your use case? How are you currently using the Chronograf log viewer?
  2. Would you be willing to participate in design research for a 2.0 edition of the log viewer.
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I’m interested in using 2.0 as unified place for all my metrics and logs for my homelab (vsphere, k8s, freenas, hass, and a myriad services on vms and k8s). Plan is to use use telegraf to consume the metrics and logs (eg. snmp metrics, act as syslog server, k8s metrics, and setup log tailing for any service with flatfile logs)

The specific use case involving log viewer is to… well look and explore the line based logs (ie. syslog, tailed files, etc). I am not using chronograf right now and I haven’t used it in the past (although I have used similar other systems), but would like to see the functionality for this purpose.


I’d love to see this as well

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Any update? Would be using cloud2 but lack of a log viewer in 2.0 forces us go back to 1.8.

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Logs and/or debug Greatly needed similar to Chronograf

It is actually what prevents me from upgrading to 2.0. However we re willing to participate to design research (as cited above) if any

Is there a new/preferred way to handle logs in v.2.0? are logs just another data type that we should format into tables?

@John_Pormann While I do still thing a log viewing experience will eventually make its way back into to 2.x, I don’t know how soon it will be. If you want to use a 2.x dashboard to view logs, then yes, the Table or Simple table visualizations will work, but they’re pretty limited in how they can display log information.

In the mean time, you can still use the Chronograf and its log viewer backed by InfluxDB 2.x or InfluxDB Cloud:

Thanks @scott – that makes sense!

Thank you for the link. :+1: