Chronograf doesn't show docker_log from Telegraf in Logviewer


I’ve started playing with TIC stack and setup Chronograf, InfluxDB and Telegraf with nearly default config, but added docker and docker_log inputs to Telegraf.

Chronograf shows default System and Docker dashboards - great!

But Chronograf doesn’t show logs from docker_log input. Reason is that it never asks for docker_log, but for syslog. From Chronograf debug logs:

command="SELECT count(\"message\") FROM \"telegraf\".\"autogen\".\"syslog\"

Instead of syslog it should use docker_log.

Documentation mentions docker_log:

Do I need to change a setting in Chronograf or InfluxDB or Telegraf?

Thank you!

Sorry for the noise. It also says:

Logs are pulled from the syslog measurement. Other log inputs and alternate log measurement options will be available in future updates.

Hello @helmut72,
I’m not sure the TICK stack is pretty outdated. Out of curiosity what is leading you to use the TICK stack over InfluxDB 2.x?
You could use:

Hello @Anaisdg

Thanks for your answer. It looks like your link points to docker metrics, but I’ve asked for docker_logs. I want to use Chronografs log viewer to view, search and tail logs. Is there an alternative log file viewer in InfluxDB2 that works with Telegrafs docker_logs input plugin? Thank you.