View log parsed by Logparser input plugin in Chronograf

I followed the tutorial here to Parsing Logs into InfluxDB Using Telegraf’s Logparser Plugin

I succeeded to load the content of the file into InfluxDB.

How can I now see this file through the Log Viewer of Chronograf? When I open the “Log Viewer” page I get the message: “The selected datase does not have a syslog measurement”.

Is it possible to see the log parsed by the Logparser Plugin into Chronograf’s Log Viewer page?

Thanks in advance

hi i think you have to look for a measurement logparser_grok
Or the name you defined in
name_override = …

Hi MarcV,

Thanks for your answer. I was confused that it would be possible to display a log parsed with the logparser plugin in the Log Viewer page of Chronograf, but it seems it’s not designed this way.

I could however display my log in a dashboard by querying the measurement and displaying the results in a tabular format.