Good evening! I’m running into an issue upgrading telegraf. I’m going from “1.26.3” to the latest and we continue to run into problems applying a cloudwatch patch we created that changes cloudwatch formatting from a . to an _. I suspect that the cloudwatch file has changed over time. We are on hold on upgrading the agent until we can confirm we make the change in newer versions.



Is there a specific security issue or concern you have?

we can confirm we make the change in newer versions.

Were there specific changes you were interested in asking about? Not sure how much help the forums can be without sharing some additional details about what you are trying to accomplish.


Not exactly. Its more about making sure we are on the latest version of telegraf and being able to make a formatting change with cloudwatch. Does the newest version support customization with outputting cloudwatch logs?

Latest version is v1.29.2. v1.29.3 is coming on Monday, Jan 29.

If this change would be useful to others, we would be happy to see a PR. I don’t see any settings related to this.

You can always check out the latest README below: