Telegraf v1.4.2


I am pleased to announce the release of Telegraf 1.4.2.

This release contains several important fixes:

  • #3259: Fix error if int larger than 32-bit in /proc/vmstat.
  • #3265: Fix parsing of JSON with a UTF8 BOM in httpjson.
  • #2887: Allow JSON data format to contain zero metrics.
  • #3284: Fix format of connection_timeout in mqtt_consumer.
  • #3081: Fix case sensitivity error in sqlserver input.
  • #3297: Add support for proxy environment variables to http_response.
  • #1588: Add support for standard proxy env vars in outputs.
  • #3282: Fix panic in cpu input if number of cpus changes.
  • #2854: Use chunked transfer encoding in InfluxDB output.

Official packages are available from the downloads page or via github.