Telegraf v1.4.3

I am pleased to announce the release of Telegraf 1.4.3.

This release contains several important fixes:

  • #3327: Fix container name filters in docker input.
  • #3321: Fix snmpwalk address format in leofs input.
  • #3329: Fix case sensitivity issue in sqlserver query.
  • #3342: Fix CPU input plugin stuck after suspend on Linux.
  • #3013: Fix mongodb input panic when restarting mongodb.
  • #3224: Preserve url path prefix in influx output.
  • #3354: Fix TELEGRAF_OPTS expansion in systemd service unit.
  • #3357: Remove warning when JSON contains null value.
  • #3375: Fix ACL token usage in consul input plugin.
  • #3369: Fix unquoting error with Tomcat 6.
  • #3373: Fix syscall panic in diskio on some Linux systems.

Official packages are available from the downloads page or via github.