Telegraf v1.4.1

I am pleased to announce the release of Telegraf 1.4.1.

This release contains several important fixes:

  • #3167: Fix MQTT input exits if Broker is not available on startup.
  • #3217: Fix optional field value conversions in fluentd input.
  • #3227: Whitelist allowed char classes for opentsdb output.
  • #3232: Fix counter and gauge metric types.
  • #3235: Fix skipped line with empty target in iptables.
  • #3175: Fix duplicate keys in perf counters sqlserver query.
  • #3230: Fix panic in statsd p100 calculation.
  • #3242: Fix arm64 packages contain 32-bit executable.

Official packages are available from the downloads page or via github.

Thanks for the update!