Verifying all records in influxdb

I am using kinesis streams to push data into influxdb. Before pushing data into streams i am storing number of records and files processed in dynamodb. I want to verify that all data is pushed to influxdb, otherwise alert will be raised. There is dynamodb checkpoint but i am not finding any information regarding how to use it. Is there some other way i can achieve the verification of data being pushed into influxdb.

Hello @Pratik_Das_Baghel,
Hmm I’m not familiar with that dynamodb checkpoint. Can you please share it? Thank you.


This is a part of inputs.kinesis_consumer plugin

Looks like kinesis_consumer will queue metrics and not allow more metrics to be processed until all queued metrics are delivered to your output (influxdb), so an ‘at least once’ delivery guarantee should automatically be built into the usage of this plugin.