AWS Kinesis Data Stream to Telegraf to Influx DB

I used HTTP to send my data to Influx DB. Now I am switching to MQTT as this seems to be a good option for me. My requirement is to send the data received to Kinesis Data Stream to Influx DB via Telegraf.
I am finding it hard to get started. I went through docs and followed it for telegraf plugins. I am stuck at configuring the input plugin kinesis data stream. Any help would be appreciated.
Also, is EC2 instance mandatory?
Thank you.


My suggestion is to provide your configuration (without any secrets) and logs. Then it might be much easier to help you and spot something you are doing wrong.

Hello, thank you for your reply.
I haven’t created the config file yet. What all amazon credentials required in the config.
I selected Kinesis Consumer and an auto generated file opened.

Amazon Credentials

Credentials are loaded in the following order

1) Web identity provider credentials via STS if role_arn and web_identity_token_file are specified

2) Assumed credentials via STS if role_arn is specified

3) explicit credentials from ‘access_key’ and ‘secret_key’

4) shared profile from ‘profile’

5) environment variables

6) shared credentials file

7) EC2 Instance Profile

access_key = “”

secret_key = “”

token = “”

role_arn = “”

web_identity_token_file = “”

role_session_name = “”

profile = “”

shared_credential_file = “”

Here, I am finding it difficult of what information to provide. Token, role_arn, web_identity_token_file, profile, shared credential file… I don’t know what to provide in these areas.