Using telegraf plugin for aws kinesis stream

I am using telegraf plugin for pushing data from aws kinesis stream to influxdb. But i am not able to get the required data. The data is in csv format but it is a txt file. Accordingly, i filled out tag columns and measurement column. But i am not able to see the both tag keys and field keys.
My plugin file is:

region = ap-south-1
access_key = “"
secret_key = "

profile = “"
streamname = "

shard_iterator_type = “TRIM_HORIZON”
data_format = “csv”
csv_header_row_count = 1
csv_skip_rows = 0
csv_delimiter = “,”
csv_trim_space = false
csv_tag_column = [“ver”]
csv_measurement_column = “vendorName”
#csv_timestamp_column =

These are the outputs:

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Hello @Pratik_Das_Baghel,
Can you please share an example of your csv data?
Also can you please set debug=True in the agent section of your Telegraf config and share the logs?
Thank you.

Thank You for replying. I have figured out the error, now it is working fine. I have another question regarding multiple input plugins. Please have a look over it.

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