Handling multiple files

I have got multiple types of log files. I want to send these files through the Kinesis stream to influxdb via telegraf. I want to have one database but with different measurements. So is there a way to differentiate the data so that they go to their respective measurement in influxdb? Should I use multiple kinesis stream for each file, or should I use multiple telegraf config files or both? Is the solution possible using only one kinesis stream (all log files are coming simultaneously from the device), using some tagging, and later identifying them in telegraf or using some shell script?

Edit - I got to know about measurement filtering such as taginclude and tagpass, but I am not able to get how will it work. So any answer on this part would be appreciative.

Hello @Pratik_Das_Baghel,
Can you please share your telegraf config? What is your data input format?

Thank you @Anaisdg for replying. My problem is sorted now. I used processor.converter

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