Filtering data using tagpass and tagdrop

I have 2 data sources, data are separated using 1 column which is ‘data_type’ and its values are ‘test’ and ‘production’. So i want to filter data based on value of ‘data_type’ column, for that i am using tagpass and tagdrop also i am using namepass and namedrop for having a separate bucket for Influxdb internal metrics, but that is working fine. Regarding tagpass - below is screenshot of my telegraf config file. But when i checked data which should be going to only test_bucket also going to production_bucket and vice-versa. So needed help regarding that.

and in my inputs.kinesis_consumer i am having tag-keys as:

csv_tag_columns = [“ver”,“node”,“operatorName”,“type”,“data_type”,“eNBName”,“PlmnIdentity”,“cellName”,“eNodeBId”,“cellId”]

Input_data is in format:

// Also in github page - in example of tagdrop and tagpass they were putting in inputs section:
influxdb_database = “other”

So should i need to do same in inputs.kinesis_consumer section as well for my case?

//output should be : for data_type = test, data should only go in temp but its going into baghel as well.

Hi Pratik,

It appears that you may have a typo in your output plugin settings.

You are using the influxdb_v2 output, but when you define your tagpass and tagdrop, you are not using influxdb_v2. If you change the tagpass and tagdrop lines in each plugin as follows, it should help resolve your problem:




Hope this helps.

Yeah i had missed that. Thanks

Hey @Jess_Ingrassellino , i had posted another question. Could you have a look at that one also. Here is the link - Using tasks.lastSuccess() function. Thanks.