Telegraf to send database measurements to AWS Kinesis stream


I am new to TICK stack and also joined a new role where they are using Influxdb. My first task assigned, is to stream data from influxdb to AWS Kinesis stream. I am looking at ways to to get measurements into kinesis stream either using telegraf or kapacitor. Any examples how to do so would be highly appreciated. This would mean a lot and I need help… I could not find anything other than:

In telegraf I have been trying this using Kinesis output:

urls = ["http://influxdb:8086]

region = “ap-southeast-2”
access_key = “XXXXXX”
secret_key = “XXXXX”
streamname = “out-of-influx”
data_format = “influx”

method = “measurement”

I am not sure what or how to do it in Kapacitor, however there is Kafka alert and events handler and I see HTTP POST to an endpoint.

Thank you very much and am really grateful to all of your suggestions / tips.

I think that should work for Telegraf, are you running into an issue?